cute baby in easter bunny outfit

Top 10 cutest spring-inspired baby names

Still haven’t decided on a name for your springtime baby?

We’ve narrowed down the lists for you. These baby names for boys and girls come from a wide variety of cultures, but they all put us in a spring state of mind.

Spring-inspired names for baby girls

  • The Persian name Zaida, or Zada, implies good fortune and abundance, both ideas that we strongly associate with the blooming, full days of spring.
  • If you picture an alpine meadow full of wildflowers when you think of spring, consider a Scandinavian name like Loa, which means “spring bird.” Loa is also a term of endearment associated with the name Elísabet.
  • How do you let your newborn know she’s the light of your life? How about with a name like Aurora, the name of the ancient Roman goddess of the dawn? Aurora is a lovely baby name that lends itself to lots of charming pet names like Rory and Aura.
  • Floral names are always a sweet choice for baby girls born in the spring. Iris captures both the beauty of the delicate purple flower as well as the majesty of the Greek goddess of the rainbow.
  • The name Chloe shares Greek roots with chlorophyll, the green pigment found in growing spring plants. The name itself means “green shoot” and is an epithet of the spring goddess Demeter.

Spring-inspired names for baby boys

  • The French philosopher Blaise Pascal had, perhaps, the most spring-inspired name ever. Blaise calls to mind the fiery blaze of the spring sunshine while Pascal means “one who was born on Easter.” Either would make a delightful name for a boy born in the springtime.
  • The German name Brynner has a fresh look about it, and it means one who dwells by the stream, an idyllic spot to spend spring days.
  • The popular Spanish name Xavier is associated with Saint Francis de Xavier; however, the original etymology stems from the Basque “etxaberri,” meaning “new house” or “bright.”
  • The sweet-sounding Arabic name Rabi mean “springtime,” and it’s associated with gentle breezes and an equally gentle temperament. It’s a perfect name for a mild-mannered springtime babe.
  • Hugo is another German name that seems perfectly suited for springtime. It means “bright in mind and spirit,” and we think it’s an adorable name for a baby boy.

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