Milk N Mamas Baby is owned and operated by women who have experienced the challenges and joys of balancing breastfeeding with work and family. 

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women owned and operated

We have more than two decades of experience in the medical device supply industry, with specialization in breast pumps, pumping essentials, and breast pumping accessories that anchor us as a leading breastfeeding shop based in the United States.

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more than two decades of experience

Our company’s history is rooted in activism on behalf of nursing moms, including lobbying for insurance to cover breastfeeding equipment before the ACA required it. Our women-lead team continues to advocate for mamas and babies every day, one mother at a time.

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committed to nursing moms

About Us

The Birth of Milk N Mamas Baby

Before she founded Milk N Mamas Baby, Krisi LaMont divided her time between working for a medical equipment supply company and nurturing her family. At that time, breastfeeding supplies weren’t covered by insurance, and Krisi was confronted with the impact of this oversight when one of the mothers she served wanted to breastfeed her infant in the NICU. This mom knew that breast milk would boost her newborn’s immune system, increase the baby's rate of survival and speed up his recovery, but money was tight, and she didn’t have the means to self-pay for a rental pump.

Though the company Krisi worked for didn’t supply breast pumps and hospital-grade rentals were hard to come by, Krisi was determined to help this new mom. She lobbied on behalf of that mother, and worked out a contract with a State Medicaid Plan to ensure personal use breast pumps and hospital grade breast pumps were covered for all nursing mothers.

That experience ultimately inspired Krisi to leave her job and launch Milk N Mamas Baby. She wanted to make sure that every mother who wanted to nurse her child would have the ability to do so.

Milk N Mamas Baby supplies products that optimize breastfeeding success, like quality double-electric breast pumps. We supply the best breast pump brands in today’s market, including Spectra and Medela Brands. The equipment lines we carry offer durable, dependable motor strength meant for routine pumping, so you can count on them for the long haul.

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Breastfeeding Equipment and Support Services are 100% Covered by Health Insurance Plans


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