What to know about breastfeeding during hot summer months

Breastfeeding moms want to enjoy summer fun, too.

After a long winter in confinement, a lot of new moms are touched out and stir crazy. They’re ready to escape with their little ones into the great outdoors. They want in on the fun, sweaty summertime activities: boating, beachcombing, biking, hiking. Good news! You can breastfeed on the go even during the hottest months if you take a few precautions.

Dehydration is a serious threat to babies and breastfeeding moms.

Your newborn’s small body puts them at greater risk of dehydration when temperatures rise. Continue to nurse them as usual to keep them hydrated. Breast milk contains electrolytes and other nutrients baby needs during the hot summer.

That being said, breast milk is nearly 90% water, which makes hydration extremely important for breastfeeding mothers even under ideal circumstances. When you’re having fun in the sun, you’ll also be sweating profusely. That can trigger dehydration and interfere with breastmilk production right when baby needs it most.

Rehydrate regularly with water, juices, and water-packed fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumbers. 

Heat-related illnesses pose a real danger to moms and babies.

Because of the risk of dehydration during the summer, you and your baby are also more vulnerable to heat-related illnesses like heat stroke, heat rashes, and heat exhaustion. Staying hydrated will help reduce the risk, so will seeking shade or even an air-conditioned museum or mall to explore during the heat of the day.

Find a cool place to hide out during the hottest times of the day.

This is not the time to skimp on sunscreen.

You do not want sunburn when you’re nursing a baby in the heat of summer. Can you even imagine? Treat your skin like the MVP it is. When you’re outside, slather on the sunscreen regularly and keep baby completely out of the sun under an umbrella or tent to prevent heat stress and sunburn. Check with your baby’s pediatrician regarding sunscreens for infants.

Avoid sunburn at all costs.

Breastfeeding and the bathing suit – what’s the deal with that?

If you’re worried about breast milk leakage, you can use a gel bra pad to stop milk flow. Better yet, if you’re sitting by the pool and not submerged in water, you could slip a wearable pump like the Elvie Stride into your swimsuit to catch any overflow and buy you a few minutes of not breastfeeding when you need them later on.

Try a wearable pump when you’re hanging out poolside.

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