What breast pumps does Tricare cover?

Mil-moms and -spouses covered by Tricare are eligible for a free breast pump.

Wherever you’re stationed, from Pennsylvania to the Philippines, Tricare offers 100% coverage for double electric breast pumps from in-network, contracted providers like Milk N Mamas Baby. However, your Tricare health plan only covers one breast pump per birth event, and it doesn’t cover every breast pump completely.

Which breast pumps does Tricare cover 100%?

Tricare covers hospital grade Spectra S1, S2, and Spectra 9 breast pumps completely.

With a suction capacity of 270 mmHg (260 mmHg for the S9), the award-winning Spectra breast pump line is popular among mothers who require hospital grade strength paired with gentle comfort. Moms who are concerned about increasing milk supply swear by the Spectra pumps, and the S1 and Spectra 9 are portable for on-the-go moms.

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Tricare provides complete coverage of the hands-free BabyBuddha breast pump.

The popular BabyBuddha breast pump offers active moms a hands-free experience with a palm-sized pump controller that hangs around your neck on a lanyard. The pump’s extra-soft cushion prevents nipple soreness while multiple stimulate and suction modes allow you to customize your settings. Best of all, the BabyBuddha is completely covered by Tricare and Tricare Overseas.

Tricare offers 100% coverage of the wearable Elvie Stride.

If you’re looking for a pump that gives you maximum freedom, look no further than the popular Elvie Stride breast pump. While its big sister the Elvie Pump was very pricey and not covered by most insurance plans, the Stride is fully covered by most plans, including Tricare and Tricare Overseas. The Stride’s innovative design allows you to slide slim milk bottles directly into your nursing bra so that you can pump anywhere without drawing attention to yourself.

Tricare provides complete coverage of all Motif pumps.

The Motif Luna double electric breast pump comes in a rechargeable battery-powered version as well for more freedom. The Motif Duo is the brand’s wearable breast pump. All of the Motif pumps as well as many Motif Medical accessories like compression socks and postpartum recovery support garments are fully covered by Tricare insurance.

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Tricare covers the Medela Pump in Style with Max Flow and its cute carry tote 100%.

Another popular hospital grade breast pump, the Medela Pump in Style with Max Flow is a 2-phase expression pump with an intuitive four button controller and premium parts that are easy to clean and assemble. The pump comes complete with a convenient carry tote and separate cooler bag for safe storage, and it’s all 100% covered by Tricare.

 Medela Pump in Style with Max Flow

Tricare offers full coverage of the hospital-strength Ameda Mya Joyportable breast pump.

The Tricare-covered Ameda Mya Joy breast pump offers hospital strength performance with two modes of pumping. It is battery-operated, lightweight, and portable – clip it right onto your purse pocket or waist band to pump on the run. Ameda’s HigieniKit offers extra protection from potential contaminants getting mixed into breast milk.

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