The most comfortable summer fashion for expectant moms

Pregnancy plus soaring temperatures mean wilting days for expectant moms

We all look forward to summer until summertime hits. Then, suddenly, we remember what it feels like to be scorching hot (and not scorching hot like a sexy supermodel – scorching hot like the surface of Mercury and nearly as round). Summers for expectant mothers can be particularly brutal because pregnancy causes an increase in blood flow, which elevates body temperatures. That’s right, even higher than your usual June or July heatwave.

What does that mean for maternity fashion this summer?

For some moms, that means floating barely clad in a plastic pool in the backyard will be the lewk du jour. But some of you would probably like to do a little better since this summer may be your first chance at a barbecue or a beach outing or just about any social event in over a year. So what does the style savvy mama wear to beat the heat and still feel like the belle of the beach ball?

Natural, breathable fabrics

Skip the polyester and nylon, and give silk a hard pass during the summer months. These fabrics will only increase your body temperature and stick to your skin. Instead, opt for cotton and linen, which allow air to circulate around your skin, cooling you down.

Lighter colors

Dark colors absorb heat, which means you’re better off wearing colors towards the lighter end of the color spectrum. Whites, pastels, even brighter colors will reflect the sun away from you, keeping you cooler.

Flowy and loose

Close-fitting clothes will feel hotter as they stick to your skin, and they’re more likely to show sweat stains. Give your body a little freedom with looser, flowy dresses and skirts instead.

Lightweight layers

Of course, if you’re going to be moving between conditioned and unconditioned spaces, it’s a good idea to wear light layers. These can be added or removed as you change location or as daytime heat drops in the evening.

What are you wearing to beat the heat this summer?

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