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Elvie 101: how to use your new breast pump

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The Elvie wearable breast pump is a slim, easy to use innovation in breastfeeding for nursing mothers.What makes the Elvie breast pump different from other pumps?

If you’ve been hooked up to a hospital-grade breast pump, the first thing you’d notice about the Elvie is its compact size. Next, you’d notice the wire-free, tube-free design. The Elvie is so discreet and lightweight, in fact, it fits inside the cup of a standard nursing bra.

In addition to being small enough to wear, the Elvie breast pump is also silent. How silent? It’s about as quiet as a house when a newborn has finally fallen asleep. You know how quiet that is, right? Not even a whisper. In fact, one reviewer said that she wore hers to work, and her male colleagues never noticed.

What are the pros and cons according to breastfeeding moms?


  • Hands-free: Moms like that they can tuck the Elvie into their nursing bra and operate the device with the press of a free smartphone app button.
  • Attachment-free: Moms already have kids hanging all over them. Do we really want wire and tubes, too? The streamlined design of the Evie – and the freedom it offers – gets a big thumbs up from moms.
  • Noise-free: Again, silence is just one of those things that a new mother learns to appreciate, and the Elvie breast pump delivers.
  • Data-rich: The Elvie Pump app monitors milk volume in real time. It also tracks your pump history, which gives you a clear picture of your nursing routine. Even better, Elvie uses this data to make your routine smarter and easier. When it detects let-down, the pump automatically switches from Stimulation to Expression. When the bottle is full, it pauses.


  • Not entirely hassle-free: Some moms said that the smaller parts of the Elvie were difficult to clean. They also worried these smaller parts could potentially get lost.
  • Not entirely covered by insurance: Unlike many other pumps, the Elvie is not covered by all insurance providers. Moms may have to pay some or all costs out-of-pocket.
  • Aside from that, most reviews were very positive.

Who would benefit from an Elvie pump?

Active moms and working moms, in particular, would benefit from the Elvie pump’s discreet, streamlined design and silent pumping action. Any moms who are on the go a lot, including those who need (or want) to travel, would likewise benefit form the pump’s lightweight, wearable comfort. With Elvie, moms can pump anywhere at any time.

Sounds great! How do I use the Elvie?

The Elvie is incredibly easy to use.

  1. Charge the pump.
  2. Download the app.
  3. Connect the two.
  4. Insert the pump into your nursing bra.
  5. Use the app to start and stop the pump, control intensity, and monitor milk flow.

Is the Elvie insured by Tricare, UPMC, and other insurance companies?

The Elvie Pump is considered an upgrade item by most insurance plans,. Therefore, moms must apply their insurance benefit to the cost and pay out-of-pocket to upgrade to it. If you’re covered by Tricare, UPMC, or any other health plan, get in touch with the customer care reps at Milk N Mamas Baby. We can help you decide if the Elvie is right for you and how much your benefit will cover.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]