baby dressed as pumpkin for Halloween

Clever DIY Halloween costumes for newborns

Spooky season is upon us, and if you’ve got a new little pumpkin in your family patch, you’re probably thinking about playing dress up for Halloween. To help, we’ve scoured Instagram for some of the cutest, cleverest costumes for newborns and their parents. Best of all, these costumes can be created in-house by crafty DIYers.

Baby President and Secret Service Parents Costumes

Politics may be more controversial with every year, but can we all agree that the cutest president is a baby president? Francesca Soldà and her family came up with this adorable and hysterical costume last year with a little cardboard and a whole lot of creativity.

Francesca Soldà and family with DIY halloween costume for baby

See more of Francesca and family on Instagram @francescasolda94

Baby Abu with Aladdin and Princess Jasmine costumes

California-based blogger Valentina Chavero transformed a comfy baby jumper into a mini monkey suit by adding craft foam ears, tail, and fez. Et voila! A family of Aladdin costumes was born! You don’t even need a genie to recreate the design, just your imagination and some arts and crafts supplies.

Blogger Valentina Chavero and family with DIY Baby Costume for Halloween

See more of Valentina’s posts on Instagram at @valechavero

Sushi Roll Toddler Costume

Imaginative Ontario designer Ninin Adique disguised her daughter Nina as a sushi roll complete with chopsticks in her hair and a felt soy sauce trick or treating bag. I could eat her up, she’s so cute!

Ontario designer Ninin Adique created a DIY Halloween costume for her daughter

Visit Ninin to see more of her creative projects on Instagram at @nininja

Little Old Lady Baby Costume

Irish artist Laura Ruffett pulled together this little old lady costume with cotton balls and a teeny tiny sweater and skirt ensemble. This is just about the funniest costume I’ve ever seen, and part of its beauty is the simplicity of it.

Irish artist Laura Ruffett designed a DIY Halloween costume for her baby

Inspired? Visit Laura for more creative goodness on Instagram at @lauraruffettbespoke

OMG It’s Steve Urkel Newborn Costume

Okay. So we’re going to have to call a tie between Little Old Lady Baby and Baby Urkel because this is pretty dang funny. This clever costume by Filipinix creative R. Glorioso requires only the addition of suspenders and construction paper glasses to bring cool nerd Steve Urkel back to the spotlight where he belongs.

Filipinix creative R. Glorioso made this DIY Steve Urkel costume for her baby last Halloween

Visit R. Glorioso at her Instagram page @lcptothegalaxy for more inspiring posts

Baby Pasta Bowl Costume

Mama mia! Would you look at this bowl of spaghetti!? This brilliant baby costume by business consultant Leslie Klatt warms the heart and makes the tummy rumble with the simplest of ingredients: yarn and a happy baby!

Leslie Klatt's DIY Halloween costume for baby is a bowl of pasta made of yarn

Hungry for more? Visit Leslie on Instagram at @leslieklattlife

Share your Halloween costumes!

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