Friends celebrating new years eve

5 doable New Year’s resolutions for new mamas

The holidays can be a stressful time even when everything goes as planned. There’s a lot of pressure on new parents – a lot of it we put on ourselves. We want the holidays to be perfect for our little ones. We want to celebrate with friends and family. We want to give the perfect gifts and prepare memorable meals. All that wanting can leave you wanting to do nothing by the time the new year rolls through. So by the time you’re preparing to make resolutions, you may be wondering: Do I have to?

Of course not. The new year is just a time to give yourself a fresh start. It doesn’t need to be a time of added stress, especially when you’re probably already overwhelmed as a new mom coming off mid-winter festivities. So try these low key resolutions that are attainable, actionable, and sure to set the right tone for a new year you can enjoy.

I will enjoy the opportunity to rest when it arises.

Look, as a new mom – maybe a working mom or even a military mom – you’ve probably got a busy schedule. Being busy can begin to seem like “normal,” which can make you feel uncomfortable when you have down time. Shouldn’t you be doing something? Nope. When you have a minute to rest, mama, do it without guilt this year. You’ve more than earned it.

I will eat something healthy every day.

Let’s not make any grandiose diet plans or aspirational resolutions to prepare four-course heart-healthy meals every day. Dieting can leave you feeling deprived, and overpromising can lead to feeling guilty and deflated. Let’s settle for something more manageable this year. Eat something healthy every day: a piece of fresh fruit, a container of yogurt, just one little thing that gives your health a little boost and opens a doorway for more and more nutritional choices every day.

I will treat my body with the same love I show my baby.

Being a mom can quickly turn into sacrificing the little daily practices that keep you well – like bathing. Honey, we all know it. We’ve been there. Baby comes first, and by the time baby is satisfied, you’re too tired to even turn the shower knob much less scrub and dry off. But an unmade bed, dirty hair, wearing the same sweats for several days aren’t just signs of exhaustion, they’re also symptoms of depression. On the other hand, even teensy tiny efforts – a quick shower, fresh clothes, a short walk, a few minutes of meditation – can stave off feelings of exhaustion and depression.

I will set realistic expectations.

Having a baby changes what you’re able to do. After a few years, you may be twice or three times as productive as you were pre-baby because you will have adapted to new demands. But during the early days, keep your expectations a little lower than usual. Not just for yourself, but also for your helpers. Everyone has to adjust to a new baby, and while they’re adjusting everyone will be happier with more forgiving expectations.

I will ask for help when I need it.

This one can  be tricky, especially for independent moms, but as military mom Katie Fish said in a 2021 interview, “Don’t be afraid to accept help from others. Having a support system is such a blessing.” If you’re isolated or in a new place, like many military families, Katie recommends building community where you are – with co-workers, neighbors, community members, and even online groups where you can benefit from support and fellowship.

Happy New Year from Milk N Mamas Baby!

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