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Simple Online Ordering

Convenient Communication

Rapid Order Fulfillment

Simple online ordering, convenient digital communication, and rapid order fulfillment make it easier for you to serve your patients. 

Follow prompts to select products, qualify diagnoses, and place orders.

Communicate seamlessly through a secure online platform.

Electronically qualify patients and sign prescriptions to faciliate speedy processing.

Your goal is to provide patients with compassionate, convenient healthcare without sacrificing operational efficiency. At Milk N Mamas Baby, we help make that happen through streamlined virtual ordering. Healthcare providers can easily place online orders for durable medical equipment and ensure prompt delivery to patients. 

How do I order in-home medical equiptment for my patient?

Milk N Mamas Baby is the durable medical equipment company that offers healthcare providers a hassle-free online ordering experience. Here’s what to expect.

1. Choose the product that meets your patient’s medical needs.

2. Enter provider and patient data in a short, secure online form to qualify the patient.

3. Provide your electronic signature.

4. Submit the order. 

We’ll take it from there. Are you ready to begin?

Blood Pressure

Breast pumps


Refer a Patient

Consistent, precise home blood pressure monitors for expectant moms and more.

Top-rated, high-quality electric breast pumps and breasfteeding supplies.

Top of the line medical equipment for compression therapy.

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