Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump

Less than half a pound, the quiet Duo fits in one hand and discreetly slips into any bag. Whether you’re traveling, working, or just multitasking, the Duo is convenient, rechargeable, and lasts 2.5 hours between charges. Recommended as an everyday work or weekend travel pump.

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Features of Motif Duo Breast Pump
  • 100% portable
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 2.5 hours
  • Super Lightweight, less than one pound
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket, purse, cup holder or desk drawer
  • Backflow protection keeps the motor and tubing clean, preventing contamination
  • Backlit LCD screen, with easy-to-read screen that won’t strain your eyes
  • Quiet Motor


The Motif Duo Breast Pump comes complete with:
  • 1 – Power Adapter
  • 2 – 21mm Breast Shields
  • 2 – 24mm Breast Shields
  • 2 – 27mm Breast Shields
  • 2 – 180 mL Milk Collection Containers
  • 2 – Bottle Nipples
  • 2 – Valves
  • 2 – Connectors and Diaphragms
  • 2 – Tubing and Tubing Connector Pairs
Qualify With Insurance

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This company was lovely to work with! They made getting a breast pump so easy and my equipment arrived fast! They handled everything on the TriCare Insurance side, all I had to do was request a pump. I would use them again in a heartbeat!

- Sonja B.

Getting my breast pump through Milk n Mamas baby was the easiest process ever. I was able to get the one I wanted and they handled everything!! It was a breeze and I highly recommend them.

- michelle j.

They are so great and friendly. I was so confused on how to order my pump and the woman helping me was so patient and walked me through the whole thing. My pump was here in 2 days with everything I needed!

- victoria m.