Medela BiliBed Phototherapy System

For the baby-friendly treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.
Treatment with the BiliBed is recommended for newborns who do not require the use of an incubator or have any additional special care needs.

  • No eye protection necessary
  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective




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A newborn baby with hyperbilirubinemia needs more than just phototherapy – he also needs to be close to his mother.

Baby-friendly treatment with BiliBed

Medela places therapy for newborns with hyperbilirubinemia in the cradle, literally, because the BiliBed can be fitted into most standard hospital cots. This means that the baby stays with his mother, so that she can still pay close attention to her baby during therapy.

No eye protection necessary

During treatment of hyperbilirubinemia the baby is wrapped in a soft Bilicombi blanket on the BiliBed. As the baby is protected by the Bilicombi blanket from spread light, there is no need for any inconvenient eye protection.

Easy to use

To treat hyperbilirubinemia, the cot mattress is replaced by the BiliBed. The baby is laid on the baby support in the fleecy Bilicombi blanket. Two hour meters monitor the therapy and the total time the BiliBed has been used during hyperbilirubinemia treatment.

Highly effective

The BiliBed is equipped with a blue fluorescent tube. The light from the tube is precisely directed and set up at the minimum required distance from the baby, ensuring high light efficiency and outstanding therapeutic results.

Energy-saving operation

The BiliBed requires only a single fluorescent tube to treat hyperbilirubinemia, with a life of 1500 hours. Its power requirements are only 30 Watts. Operating costs are kept to a minimum.